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re: How Do Competitors Behave on th Social Floor?
Posted by Amy
8/9/1999  3:21:00 AM
Hi, I am a competitive standard dancer and I think proper etiquette on a social floor is extremely important so that everyone has a good time. When my partner and I practice on the social floor, it is specifically to practice "driving." We are getting experience trying to fit our routines in when other people are getting in the way. I have to be able to follow any change in the routine that he has to make. It is very important as the follower that I keep my eye out and warn my partner if there is an impending collision. It does take some practice to warn him the right amount. By a simple sqeeze of the arm he can tell if I want him to slow down, stop completely, or just change direction. Leaders have to have good driving skills before you can really move out on a social dance floor.


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