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re: Kyle and Susan Webb--Rumba and Cha Cha timing
Posted by Dronak
7/10/2002  10:09:00 AM
As usual, Jonathan has given a very good reply. For American style rumba, I'd say either SQQ or QQS is fine depending on what the music sounds like. I was taught one way (I forget because it was a while ago and I really only dance international now), but sometimes the music sounded one way to me and sometimes the other. I'd pick which ever rhythm seemed to fit the music better to me. As for cha cha, the standard is 2 3 4&1. Almost all ballroom cha cha songs are going to have a clear cha-cha-cha on the 4&1 count so the steps should match that music. I suppose you could dance it as 1 2 3&4 anyway, but since it doesn't match the music it probably wouldn't look right. I think Jonathan is right though, some songs don't put the cha-cha-cha on 4&1 in which case you should adjust your timing so that you match the music. I think Jonathan's example of Tea For Two is a good one; I had to think about it, but I do think he's right that at least some version puts the cha cha steps on 3&4 for that song. In that case, dancing the standard 2 3 4&1 wouldn't look right. I think the easy way to do it is listen for the cha cha cha in the music and then dance to match that, don't worry about whether you're breaking on 2 or 1 or whatever. Match the cha cha cha and you should be fine.

James Marshall

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