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re: Country Swing Question
Posted by twnkltoz
2/14/2003  4:41:00 PM
I asked my husband, who came from a country and WC Swing background, what "country swing" really refers to, and this is his answer:

Country Swing is a vague term which is generally used to refer to the body of danceable country music, and the styles of dancing which is done to it, produced since the early sixties. Generally, it is not a term used by the cognati of the country/western dance scene. "Country music" and "country dancing" are certainly used, as is "western swing" to refer to a particular subsection of that musical style and dance. "Cowboy swing" is often used to describe a style of East Coast Swing which is done without significant footwork -- a style known as "Goat Roping" to those of us who frown upon it.

Ghostdancer, I think you were describing "goat roping", from my memory of this dance. The Sweetheart and Pretzel are done in ballroom EC Swing, but the window would have clued me to the country background.
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