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re: Do ladies foot rise and fall in the smooth dances?
Posted by Ellen Silverthorne
8/31/1999  1:50:00 PM
My question may be related (if only tangentally). Its primarily about the first step of the Bounce Fallaway in foxtrot (International Standard), or that is to say, that is where the symptoms of whatever problem my partner and I are having seem to be most apparent. The lady I know should be steping toe-heel-toe in the first step with the R foot. I think, if I understand correctly that rise to the second toe is caused by the lateral movement of body weight causing the first bounce-like action. While I do manage to do the step correctly dancing with my instructor and also when dancing alone (though less well I fear), the real difficulty arises when dancing with my partner - when following outside our competitive routine I often mis this rise back to the toe on the first step and when dancing our routine I do it but there is something slightly forced about it.

Granted, I'm certain that words do the situation little justice but I'm wondering if perhaps anyone else has had similar difficulties and if so what advice was usuful. I also wonder if as a follower there are any excercises or practice techniques when working on my own that will help with this step. or, any practice techniques for us to employ together?

And-finally: while we're working out the difficulties what is your advice re: competition stradegy. Would you recommend doing the correct footwork regardless of the forced feel of it or following (which often results in the footwork of a regular fallaway). I realize its but a mere second's worth of dancing and I'm not exactly hung up on it but I an curious in general what approaches dancers take to competition when dancing seems forever like a "work in progress".

Many thanks for your thoughts.


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