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re: Samba Corta Jaca
Posted by Steve
2/19/2000  7:46:00 AM
Hello everyone. Just joined your forum. As a teacher from good ol' Great Britain, I've been following your discussion about Samba and Corta Jac with interest. However, I'd like to clear up some misunderstandings about International style (I know nothing about American style).

First, there are accordoing to Laird, 8 cross rhythms in Samba. Figures that need a normal Samba bounce eg Samba Whisks are danced using a 1a2 timing.

Second, Corta Jaca is a completely flat and stationary figure (although it can rotate on the spot). It's danced with the timing of SQQQQQQQQQQ (10 quicks) not just 4.

Third, to complete the correct 4 bar phrasing another bar of music must be danced. This could be a further 4 quicks of Corta Jaca or another figure (or 1/2 figure) with or without using Samba bounce.

So, if you think you can dance Corta Jaca with Samba bounce try it. I think you will find it rather stange to do. Not only that, you will probably be all over the music!

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