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re: How Do Competitors Behave on th Social Floor?
Posted by Belle1
8/17/1999  4:24:00 PM
I agree that competitors who may be more "turbo charged" should recognize that others may not be able to anticipate what they are doing. Even if the competitive dancer is able to break and reverse on a dime, the social dancer might not know that and overreact to what will seem to them like an impending collision, causing another one in the process. And competitors should realize that a social dancer might not know how to break and reverse at all! I had a case where a good friend of mine (a pro) waltzed his partner (advanced amateur) up to myself and my partner (both of us much less advanced), knowing exactly what we were and were not capable of, and still got his partner a serious jab in the ribs from the resulting collision.

It is frustrating to be constrained on a social dance floor if you are used to practice in wide open spaces, but we want this to be fun for everyone so there will be more dancers and therefore more places to dance, etc.

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