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anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by MichMich
1/6/2003  11:01:00 AM
hey! just wondering if anyone does any sequence as well as latin and modern dance?

dont really here of many other people doing this outside of the uk.

plz post.
Posted by TheDitz
1/6/2003  11:44:00 AM
Here in the US, we have something called Round Dancing? Wonder if it's the same?

I haven't seen any Round dancing, but I hear that it uses Ballroom patterns, but you have to know the choregraphy for the song. I haven't been really interested, because the folks I know who do it, are completely lost (and they admit it) on a normal ballroom floor, because while they know the foot patterns, they have no floor craft or ability to join patterns together to get around the floor.
re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by tango
1/6/2003  1:48:00 PM
I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with sequence nor round dancing (I only dance international style Latin and Standard). Can anybody care to explain to me what these dances are? I'm dying to learn!


Posted by SocialDancer
1/6/2003  2:45:00 PM
As I understand it, round dancing is choreographed to a particular tune, with a main repeating group plus intro and breaks etc. A caller gives the cues for each figure as it appears.

Sequence is similar; no caller, and a fixed 16 bar repeated pattern which can be danced to any suitable tune. Around 30 to 40 new dances are published each year, and have been for about 50 years! They use standard ballroom and latin figures and variations. Classical (aka Old Time) is another style similar to what I think is called vintage in the US. This includes saunters, 2-steps (not cowboy), gavottes and medium speed waltzes with lots of rotaries and 3rds and 5ths.

Apart from the UK, sequence is popular in Oz and NZ.

For more info and a forum, see www.sequencedancing.co.uk
re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by tango
1/7/2003  7:56:00 AM
Thanks for the description, Social Dancer! Sequence does sound like a lot of fun! I'm always happy to learn new dances. In fact I'm starting Flamenco in a couple of days and I"m really excited about it. Anybody here learning or have learned Flamenco before?

re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by tourist
1/9/2003  8:36:00 PM
Ihave actually heard of sequence - just a few weeks ago from a lady from the UK It does sound a bit like round dancing. DH and I did round dancing many years ago and enjoyed it a lot. We did everything from two-step to paso doble, waltz and tango. But we always wanted to be able to put the steps together on our own and dance anywhere so we started ballroom classes.

Some advantages of round dancing are that the choreographers can put in all kinds of reverse line of dance moves and fun bridges, intros and finishes that fit the music. I have found one big difference as a follower is that rounds are typically done in square dance garb (ie. big crinolines) and I actually got some of the leads by feeling his leg on my skirt. Those big petticoats were like fluffy antenae

re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by MichMich
1/10/2003  10:48:00 AM
I've never heard of round dancing and it certainly isn't social dancing!
I do do Latin american and ballroom aswell all competitively!

Maybe round dancing is like it ! never heard of it or seen it !
Re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by mitchea1
5/5/2006  8:17:00 AM
All of my four children do classical sequence and modern sequence competitivly here in the UK they use the same movements in foxtrot tango waltz and quickstep in the modern sequence and all couples either boy girl or all girl follow the same choreography so there is no bumping into each other they hold almost fortnightly competitions they are marked on shape footwork and presentation in the same way as ballroom. The old time sequence is more controlled and precise they have gavottes and mezzerka's and two steps which are not seen in ballroom they compete at Blackpool tower at the easter junior dance festival and have their own sequence festival in October at the Wintergarden in Blackpool. T his form of dancing is widely used here but also in Canada. Hope that this helps.

Re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by Quickstep.
5/7/2006  3:28:00 AM
MichMich. Social Dancer just about covered it. I will add that some who teach this in Australia subscibe to an organisation from where they can get a scipt. And there are regularly new dances each month. Based on Ballroom and Latin they are in the main doing the same steps one behind the other around the Ballroom. Some of the dances are ok. The UK Foxtrot could be used in a competition, except they start on the wrong foot. The problem is they are either 16 bar routines or 24 or 32 bars, This means the steps have to fit the amount of bars. This means that if they find they have some bars of music over they have to do in some cases some ridicules step to cover the 16 bars. They are not at Blackpool and do have their own championships. If anyone would like to see the list of dances that are done take a look at Sequence Dancing in Queensland. I go to it through Dancesport Uk. Then Worlwide links Then Australia. Then Sequence Dancing in Queensland. It is a very good site, even plays a tune. Here, if all the people who several times a week do Sequence Dancing were to attend our normal studios they would be crowded to the roof tops. If there is a show like Burn the Foor they attend in their thousands. Or millions watching Dancing withe Stars, and voting too.
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