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re: Hey Ballroomers come and see if you have what it takes
Posted by Terd Ferguson
11/18/2003  11:55:00 PM
It is my opinion that one can express him or herself through many differnt mediums, whether it be dance or clever use of language. I find it in bad taste that someone would be so inclined to poke fun at anyone who has the courage to post on this site despite their poor grammar or spelling. Give Big-Sexy some credit for being who Big-Sexy want to be Dancing to me is an expression of deep routed emotions that come out through movement and is paired with music and a true dancer is one who can find and control these emotions and deliver them in a carefuly contrived way to make an audience feel the same way. Whether the performance is for one or one million, the feeling of the dance must be felt by the intended viewer or participant. This is something that can't be faked otherwise it is not going to be truly appreciated. Dance to celebrate what life is all about and the rest will come naturally. The best dancers know this but don't always share this secret with the rest of the dancing world. In short .... just dance and be happy.
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