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re: Choosing a Teacher
Posted by Bodelco
9/13/1999  9:41:00 PM
In our dancing experience which only encompasses a little over ten years, it has been logical to turn to diferent dance teachers depending on the style of this or that dance they do. For instance, Jim didn't do the style cha cha we liked but Jesse did so we took cha cha lessons from him but his Fox Trot was miserably conserative so we went to Mal. We didn't like his Tango at all but his Mambo was terrific. Variety. You ever look at some dancer and say "Oh, He or she is a JOE BLOW dancer"? We always wanted our own style and it has paid off with shows in which we stand out and in any venue attract the eyes of other, even more knowledgeable dancers. It works for us and that's what counts. Maybe it could for others as well. We also don't subscribe to the notion that "My style is the only right one in dancing". Any teacher that tells us that is wrong. We've been around for a good many years and there are not any "right" styles just the styles the judges see! Every teacher is diferent and some are head and shoulders above the rest. But maybe not in ALL dances. Just thought you'd like a diferent perspective on teaching and learning. Bodelco Colorado


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