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re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by ChampionDancesportKC
9/5/2003  12:10:00 AM

Dancesport is slowly, but surely, growing in the US as a youth activity. Commercial ballroom franchises in the US are the reason why we have no youth dancers. How could they ever afford the prices???

With the ever growing International style trend in the US I think you will steadily see an increase in young dancers. Exposure is important of course, but it is just as important that the exposure be positive. Plenty of young dancers are turned off by out-of-date teachers playing out-of-date music and teaching completely out dated patterns and techniques. It takes experienced qualified instructors to teach any large group class...a bad teacher will only cause people to turn away from dancing for good.

We are working diligently to expand collegiate dancing. Eventually this will be profitable, but the start up years for a team are difficult, so most good instructors don't bother. We teach children ages 3+ as well, but they are not our focus right now.

What the US desperately needs is better training opportunities and help for new independent instructors. Until we are able to train enough reputable instructors to service the entire US, then dancesport will be hard pressed to grow successfully here. Meanwhile, we all have to work to grow the dance community in general. After all when there is a market, someone will invariable find a way to fill it

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