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re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by KC
11/3/2003  4:11:00 PM
Phil- LOL. Indeed, the dance world is _slow_ to accept change! Even so, change is constantly with us, and Michael Johnson might find his style much touted if it brought some new efficiency or new dynamic to his performance (as it does indeed).

I personally find all dancing to be sport...more so even than many activities that people would automatically call a sport. For instance: Running. No one is arguing if this is a sport. However, professional dancers perform similar feats of endurance (proven!) while using their muscle control a great deal more. Simply because we enjoy watching dance does not mean it cannot be a sport. Even in football (Am. style there is a lot of beauty in the perfect spiral the timing of great players and the amazing leaps and runs they make. That's why we love to watch. How is dancing different?

Some argue that it's because dancign is emotive...but so is all sport. Once again, that's why we love it so...the drama, the tragedy, the sacrifice and the joy. It's the same in any sport.

Finally...I would say that there is not a particular "look" that wins in ballroom if you mean body type. We've had champions of every body: short, thick, tall, skinny, muscular and lean. We have no overweight champions I suppose...but I don't see many overweight champions in anything I would call a sport.

I know many see it differently, but sport to me is the intensive honing of one's physical and mental capabilites to be able to perfect a specific physical act. The more difficult this endeavor the more challenging the sport. By my standards Dancesport is certainly a sport and it should be a very respected one.
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