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Why Men won`t dance (a comedy)
Posted by aayersjr@aol.com
9/14/1999  3:18:00 PM
Hi There, My name is Bud Ayers and I am an independent Ballroom Instructor in The south Bay (San Jose). I am in the process of writing a book called why men won't dance. It is based on My experiences in teaching dance and communication workshops. Many of my students (primarily single females) have complained to me that their partners don't dance or won't try. Anyway to make long story short. I am producing a seminar on the matter. It goes into deatils such as

why men dance, who do men dance for? and why don't men listen when they dance?

The seminar will be held on October 16 Sat@
Dance Attack in Los Gatos 14110 Blossom hill rd. The time is yet to be determined for we haven't decided if we want to trhow a dance party or not afterwords Gut if you're interested in more information write to me aayersjr@aol.com. Tickets are $10.00 for a 1 hour show/lesson/seminar


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