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Re: Time signature
Posted by Don
2/15/2004  9:10:00 PM
The last time I looked the Progressive side step has three steps and four beats, Q.Q.S. So in 4/4 time. two walks = 1234. Progressive Side Step 1234. one more walk on the mans RF. 1 2 and the Link 3 4. now you are out. If you continue into a Closed Promenade into a Reverse Turn you will be dancing 3412. The same thing will happen on a Four Step unless you do a head flick to use up two beats. Or just stand still. With 2/4 Tango none of the above will happen.
We have teacher here who when travelling through Europe asked one of those top Orchestra leaders why they were recording in 4/4. He was told that they had put out an album and recalled and re-cut because 2/4 was not popular.
I hope this helps.
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