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Re: Time signature
Posted by Dronak
2/17/2004  9:43:00 AM
I don't think they elected to define it that way contrary to facts. I think there are tangos written in 2/4 so it's not an unreasonable choice. I can't remember though. While I have plenty of sheet music and fake books, I don't think they include many tangos. And yes, no matter what the music or technique book says, many people probably still think 1234 and not 1&2&. But as you imply, in an ISTD teaching exam, you have to count 1&2& or you'll be marked wrong. Still, I think there is some justification to counting it in two like that, even if it does get a little weird around bar 2 (see your sequence at the end). It should tend to make your movements more stacatto as they should be for tango. Counting in four can lend itself to movements like foxtrot, smooth and flowing. If you count in two though, it can help to hold you back and not be so smooth. And tango's supposed to be sharp so this is a good thing. Just another thought while looking over the messages.
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