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Re: Stretches for feet
Posted by Laura
2/29/2004  12:25:00 PM
Have you ever seen the device called the "Pro Arch"? One of my teachers has it, you can find it online at discountdancesupply.com, among other places. It has really helped me to gain awareness of the different muscles in my feet, and also has developed strength and flexibility. I know I sound like a commercial here, but I have nothing to do with any dance vendors.

When I started my toes were kind of curled and I didn't realize how many places the foot was actually jointed in. I've been using it twice a week for about a year and my feet are so much more flexible now and don't stiffen up as much between workouts. The most amazing thing was last week, I was sitting on my sofa just hanging out and massaging my feet, and I found the place in my feet where the tarsals (?) are joined, up above the instep. By design it's a fused joint that just has a bit of give rather than a full range of motion like a toe or ankle, but I actually found it and could feel it and could even wiggle it a little with my hands.

Also, the Pro Arch has helped me to understand how to actually point focussing on the ankles rather than just forcing the lower foot as many beginners do.
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