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Where to buy tango CD online?
Posted by Jennifer
6/22/2004  12:02:00 AM
Hi all, I have searched around and visited several websites. (Tango Catalogue, Tango-CD.com, etc) Tango-CD is a great website but unfortunately it does not carry many CDs. Other websites often charge ridiculously high shipping cost. (Sometimes even 20 US dollars!) Is there any better website than Tango-CD.com?
Re: Good classical Tango CD shop
Posted by Carlos
6/22/2004  4:54:00 AM
http://www.thetangocatalogue.com has some really old CDs, but it does not provide any song samples and song lists. www.tango-cd.com gives you song samples and song lists. I personally like the favorite songs section. I would highly recommend www.tango-cd.com for any tango beginners (both listener and dancer). For people who are looking for a hard to find CD, I guess eBay is the way.
Re: Where to buy tango CD online?
Posted by dance101
12/9/2007  7:53:00 PM
www.tangocd.com now has a lot of new and traditional tango music. Lots of audio clips, and even some track downloads so you don't have to buy the complete CD.
Re: Where to buy tango CD online?
Posted by nucat78
1/2/2008  9:45:00 AM
How esoteric? Have you tried plain old amazon.com?
Re: Where to buy tango CD online?
Posted by Dancerverrn
2/22/2008  9:21:00 PM
If you have iTunes there are all kinds of tango music, search on Albums in the store with the name Tango or go to iMix and search on imixes of tango. One word of caution these is some difference between Argentine tango and American Ballroom tango music. Also not everyone who post iMixes is always correct in their postings about what rhythm is in a given song.
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