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Re: Just a few Questions
Posted by quickstep
8/17/2004  6:03:00 AM
Just a couple of comments about the popularity of Ballroom Dancing. Recently in the UK Two and a Half million people took the trouble to send in a phone vote for a Professional with Celebrity Competition. See Dance News Uk. At this present time there are 2,800 entries for the German Championships being held in Suttgart starting on the 17th of this month, which is today. They expect to top the 3,000 mark according to their web-site. Practise. A 20 minute brisk walk to the studio. 10 Rumba`s 10 Cha`s 10 Sambas, 10 Paso and 10 Jives. A further 5 Rumba`s to warm down, and then a slow jog home. This is six days a week.A Japanese couple were interviewed, their style of dancing is Modern . They trained 7 days a week for 7 hours a day.
Depending on which country the competition is being held, they could fill a Ice Hockey stadium, something like 10,000 people if it was held in Germany.
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