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Grooming - Competive
Posted by Anonymous
8/25/2004  8:19:00 PM
Today I was reading the Amatuar dance publication I receive every month.

There was an article from a judge who had judged the USABDA regional in Seattle.(sp)

She had a write up on many of the couples that she judged. She spent a great deal of time talking about the ladies costumes...to pale for the floor, mens costumes... collar was to high and had an effect on the frame.

I thought about this quite a bit today. We all spend so much time developing our top lines, swing and sway, and months or hard work to get ready for a regional. We will compete in Atlanta in October for the 2005 national qualifier, and I began to wonder.... Please do not tell me after all this hard(and much enjoyed ) work, will it all come down to grooming???

Hey, if thats all it takes, buy a new gown, make a hair appointment and I am all set...This article kind of put me back. Yup, not exactlly a size two, and now I really wonder....

Any comments?
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