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Re: Grooming - Competive
Posted by guest
8/26/2004  6:08:00 PM
It seems to help if you start experimenting with your hair and makeup early in your newcomer days. It's not such a big deal if you're a newcomer and your makeup looks a bit off, and your fake hair bun falls off and lays on the dance floor like a small dead rodent. You will know to use stronger pins and hair spray next time. It all looks like cute "Oops" in newcomer. It doesn't ruin the picture as much. If you happened to not compete in your early dancing days and you are emerging into Novice or higher level right away, I suggest you try out your hair and makeup in practice session. Ask your coach's opinion. Videotape yourself.

As for Amateur Dancers Magazine (which you will be receiving for free if you register with USABDA as an Amateur Competitor) I found it a liiile "pointed" in some places. Don't get discouraged. For example, I was reading an article in the same mag by a woman describing her experience in first two competitions. She says that the first comp she didn't know what to wear, and she wore a department-store dress. So she went to vendors at the same competition (!) and purchased a ballgown. It initiated all sorts of thoughts for me: "Are they saying that she is an example to follow? I can't do it because I'm a college student and can't afford a brand-new ballgown from a vendor. She may be a good example but I simply can't do it! Are they discouraging me from dancing?" "There is nothing wrong with a department store dress for a newcomer level. I've seen enough competitions to know that." " I would never buy my first ballgown without consulting a bunch of people" But then I realized, it's just one person's view. Different people have different opinions. And different budgets.
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