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Re: Hustle Dancers-Whoooooo`s Out There?
Posted by ChaChaGuy
9/14/2004  7:43:00 PM
I was born in the 70's and always thought disco music was cheesy until I got into ballroom dancing. My bias against disco kept from learning hustle for the first few months, but once I got into it, I soon realized how addictive it was. Any song with a good down beat, and I'll hustle. I don't care what everyone else is doing on the dance floor. I was at a latin club recently where they played this techno sounding latin song, and I totally starting hustling to it.

My favorite hustle is the It's My Life remake by No Doubt.
Re: Hustle Dancers-Whoooooo`s Out There?
Posted by jwlinson
8/21/2007  9:36:00 PM
Hustle is a personal favorite of ours too. We use it as our blowing-off steam dance when we get really frustrated at another dance we're working on. Hustle is our "can't fail, anything goes, just dance to the feel of the music" dance.

We dance mostly Latin Hustle, btw, but on occasion we'll do the New York.

Favorite songs...usually the old standby songs. Fifth of Beethoven is a personal fav, as well as Night Fever and Disco Inferno.

Re: Hustle Dancers-Whoooooo`s Out There?
Posted by terence2
8/22/2007  2:33:00 AM
NY-- Latin--- one and the same.

Have taught literally hundreds of classes . Only 2 types. latin and 3 count, sometimes called street.

Attended the first congress on latin hustle ( teachers only , in Fla. 1976 ) where we determined the rhythm sequence for the basic ( a lot wanted to use w.c. swing, but majority , did not )
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