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Re: DanceSport Olympics Poll
Posted by quickstep
10/20/2004  1:36:00 AM
It has too many obvious problems.For one, would it be Professional or Amatuer. Then there is an American dancing with a Russian. or the other way around. That wont work or be aceptable`for obvious reasons. So does the partnership split for a few moments of glory. I say leave it where it is. To popularize Dancesport. In my country we sadly lack people who have any idea on how to promote ballroom dancing . A look in our local newspapers proves that. Nothing at all. As said before, at a competition the competitors are the audience, and the audience are the competitors, throw in a few friends or relations the faces are the same where ever you go. Little if no effort is made to reach the general public. And yet a show like Burn the Floor performed before packed audiences. Maybe the wrong people are in control.
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