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Re: spins and turns
Posted by quickstep
10/31/2004  11:21:00 PM
Dont know anything about the Hustle. To` spin correctly requres technic, and is best learnt from a professional. Alignment is very important here, To spin Solo , as in a Rumba, it actually travels sideways On the spin its self be on the spot. In other words move in , spin move out. Be vertical and not traveling on the spin itself. On this site I think you can still get several pages of instruction which for you would be a good start. I was taught that to understand the mechanics of a Three Step Spin, do it this way. Slowly at first. Face a wall.Step to the side with your left foot. Bring the whole of your right side and foot to your left 1/2 a turn as a solid unit . Complete another half turn and step to the side. In practice you can stop on the first 1/2 turn , and stay on the spot. before completing the spin. Dont let your body overtake your head, look for . " Head Spotting ", very important. Even if this is not for the Hustle it doesn`t do any harm to learn. Your will use it one day.
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