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Dancing in Calgary/Canmore?
Posted by Marie-Joëlle
8/13/1999  12:49:00 PM
I have multiple dancing experience and I am interested in learning ballroom dances in Calgary or Canmore, Alberta. Does anyone know where I can do this? Also looking for a partner! Anyone keen? Please contact me.


re: Dancing in Calgary/Canmore?
Posted by Gordon
8/19/1999  4:24:00 PM

I can't help you with Canmore but here are a few places in Calgary,

The University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club
Box 354, MacEwan Hall
2500 University Drive
Phone (403) 220-0049
E-mail ballroom@acs.ucalgary.ca
Web http://www.ucalgary.ca/~ballroom
Classes in fall, winter and spring. Practice sessions most Sundays, dance party about once a month and two semi-formal dances each year.
Last year they had over 1600 members. It's not just for university students.

The Studio
1120-10th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-228-5668
Fax: 403-228-7017
Email: thestudio@cadvision.com
Various six week beginner and intermediate group classes for different dances trough out the year.
Drop in dance Friday nights 8:00-11:00 (lesson form 8 to 9)

Alberta Ballroom Dancesport
Rundle College - 930 - 13 Avenue SW
Phone: 271-0000
Various group classes fall and winter
Drop in dances Friday and Saturday nights 9:00-12:00 ($4.00) (now until December).

Ballroom and Country Dance Studio (Thu-Lou's)
121C - 17 Avenue NE
Phone: 277-0500

Dance Connection
#210, 6131 - 6 Street SE
Phone: 253-4243


Dancing in Calgary/Canmore?
Posted by Administrator
8/14/1999  8:57:00 PM

I have only one studio in my list for Calgary: The Ardern's, at 7037 California Blvd. NE, Calgary AB T1Y 6S7. Telephone: (403) 285-1020.

This is not a personal recommendation, just a listing.

For partners, try our partner search at http://www.ballroomdancers.com/Classifieds/Default.htm . If there isn't anybody listed in Alberta, try submitting your own listing.

Jonathan Atkinson
webmaster, www.ballroomdancers.com

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