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Re: no subject
Posted by paul&dot
12/28/2007  11:03:00 AM
SmoothGeezer & Serendipid:
I enjoyed watching the Sequence Dance Demonstration. I agree that some of the footwork is very cleverly put together. From the video the activity looks to be a recreational movement that provides an outlet for seniors, stimulates their minds, and offers a form of bodily exercise, in a casual atmosphere and with neatly clothed acquaintances.
I'm too old to call any of the dances useless.
Re: Ballroom Vs. Round Dancing
Posted by kaiara
3/13/2008  3:15:00 PM
I'm probably not as good at any one dance as many on this board, but l square and round dance and have some solid basic ballroom training.

I love all of it. Like Square, Round Dance is called or cued. That means you follow the caller in addition to your partner, rather like the combination in square dancing. But instead of the square dance steps, you get steps which are similar in footwork to ballroom steps. I find it to be fun.

Ballroom gives you greater scope for technique in your ballroom dances. There is more focus on form, and you absolutely must learn to follow and lead. It is fun when you are with a partner who is good, I find that when the man leads well, waltz is like a dream and challenging because you don't know what is coming up until you feel the lead. That communication between the partners is what makes Ballroom my favorite--but I find getting a partner for round and square is easier for us older dancers.

I also found that when I do Ballroom, it makes my Round Dancing better. And the extra hours of dancing I get in Round Dance seems to speed up my understanding in Ballroom so I can concentrate more on style.

I guess for someone with minimal experience in any one thing I've rather a lot to say! LOL Perhaps it helps?
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