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Posted by dancelover
5/19/2003  11:23:00 AM
Hi every one, I caught a conversation stating a dance/tap dance studio in New Jersey. It is the Fred Kelly's (Gene Kelly's brother) studio. Does anyone know? In what city? Any information is appreciated. Thank you. Dancelover
re: studio
Posted by dancelover
5/20/2003  11:40:00 AM
THANK YOU, Bruce. I am happy to find out about it. I saw an interview of Michael Flatley(?) or John Travolta on TV. I love dancers like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, great ballroom dancers, ballelini(?),and others. I wanted to spend one or two crazy years going to a great studio and clean up all of my curiosities in dance moves before I die!!! It is a supressed and wild dream of mine. But my mind is working neonetheless. I live in a darkage hole. dancelover
re: studio
Posted by b_hensel
5/19/2003  6:17:00 PM
According to the obituary for Fred Kelly his studio was in Oradell, NJ.

Re: re: studio
Posted by Guest
6/2/2012  8:31:00 AM
Oradell is correct,my father drove me from New Rochelle N.Y every Tuesday and Thursday for years, for tap and jazz classes.I loved it. Mr Kelly was wonderful
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