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Re: fusturated
Posted by paul&dot
12/21/2007  4:02:00 PM
I think a teacher who asks you to wait for others to catch up to your abilities does not have your best interest in mind.

If you still learning new material in studio #1 and can afford the(time and money) to take lessons from both studios then go that route.

If you cannot afford the extra efforts, or if you are not progressing in studio #1, then drop studio #1.
Re: fusturated
Posted by ballroombeauty
7/26/2006  7:11:00 PM
I think that if you are doing dance just because you love it and is fun then you should stay with studio 1 but if you want to go somewhere with ballet then I would go with studio 2. I say this because you don't know how much longer you will have to wait and if you want to go somewhere with ballet then you need to go to a studio that will give you that training ASAP. I am 14 also and have been doing pointe for 3 years. I am just now starting to get really good at it. I always had talent but it is just now really going for me. So I think if you stay at studio 1 you might not start pointe until you are like 17 maybe even 18 and then you won't be as fully prepared as you could be for other dance schools and things like that. So good luck with your choice!!!!! If you want to consider other choices about studios email me at Toetouchin10@aol.com
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