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Posture - The Foot Connection
Posted by Prof Brian A. Rothbart
2/15/2005  5:09:00 AM
As a principal researcher (Ministry of Health)(Rome Italy)I am very interested in foot mechanics and its impact on posture.

Visit my website at www.rothbartsfoot.bravehost.com for more information.

Brian A. Rothbart DPM, PhD, FACFO
Re: Posture - The Foot Connection
Posted by Susan
3/6/2005  6:05:00 PM
I have read your research paper and am amazed that 85% of your study subjects had a mild case of the foot problem you describe. I am equally amazed that you have designed an insole to correct this problem. Is this problem and related health issues, problematic for dancers? In simple terms does dancing make this problem worse? Kind regards Susan
Re: Posture - The Foot Connection
Posted by Onlooker
11/22/2005  2:17:00 AM
Susan. Only if the foot isn`t built right at birth, and if the shoes are not a good fit. I suppose you are aware that a hopefull candidate for a Ballet company has to have a thorough examination to see if there might be future problems with their build and structure. Many are disapointed. But then what would be the use of accepting somebody who is going to have problems later. I believe that if the bones of the feet are`t as they should be depending on the work load, foot trouble is inevitable.
Re: Posture - The Foot Connection
Posted by Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart
1/16/2014  1:46:00 PM
Hi Susan,

To answer your question - dancing does not make the inherited abnormal foot structures (that I write about on my website) worse. However, these inherited foot structures definitely interfere in the development of competitive ballroom dancers.

I am the opportunity to evaluate and place a prior world champion dancer in proprioceptive insoles. The improvement in his technique was quite apparent.

Professor Rothbart
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