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Grapevine in Foxtrot
Posted by Roger
8/9/1999  4:01:00 AM
I have been dancing the Foxtrot in social dance for about 2 years. I am now looking for instruction on the "grapevine" step. I have seen it done, heard about it, but am unable to locate just that step anyplace. Can you point me to anyplace where I might see the steps for the "grapevine step in Foxtrot" ?
re: Grapevine in Foxtrot
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
8/9/1999  4:03:00 AM
A basic Grapevine consists of four steps: Forward, side, back, and side. The steps all move in one general direction, either along a straight line or around the path of a circle.

You can try some grapevines on your own by dancing the following combination:

(1) Commence facing diagonal center, and step forward with the left foot. (2) Turn about 1/8 left to face center and step side on right foot. (3) Turn another 1/8 left and step back on left foot toward diagonal wall. (4) Turn 1/8 right to face center again, and step side on right foot. (5) Turn another 1/8 right to face diagonal center, and repeat.

The same combination can be danced starting with the right foot, facing diagonal wall.

Hint: Limit the rotation to just the feet and lower body. The upper body should rotate very little, facing roughly toward center throughout the four steps.

When danced with a partner, steps 1 and 3 (the forward and backward steps) are usually taken outside partner.

I hope this helps.
Jonathan Atkinson

re: Grapevine in Foxtrot
Posted by Weddingdance
8/9/1999  4:04:00 AM
Hi Roger, When I dance/teach the grapevine in foxtrot, I put it between a forward basic and a left/rock turn. So you would dance up to the end of line of dance, facing wall. Take the first two steps of the forward basic, slow, slow (L,R). Then the grapevine starts - usually eight quicks. Step side with left, behind with right, side with left, forward with right, side with left, behind with right, side with left, forward with right, and end with a left turn, slow, slow, quick quick. The action reminds me of the 'Greek dance'. So the whole grapevine is done facing wall, and the left turn brings you to facing line of dance. Now, the lady is the natural opposite. When you step side for that first quick, so does she. Then when you step behind with the right, bring her forward on her left, and take it from there. Have fun! P.S. There's also a Chuck Bannister intermediate foxtrot video from Dancevision that shows this step.
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