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Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by newdancer
10/7/2013  10:34:00 AM
I too was a victim of AM. I won't go into detail, what I recommend you do is Google your local USA Dance website. They have list of quality schools and events to go to.Good luck
Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by Armand06
10/7/2013  11:38:00 AM
Hi there

I am a dance teacher and it is advisable to let you teacher know that you don't feel ready. Ask the dance director to do a performance check for you and if he feels that you are ready for the level that you dancing at then enjoy and have fun. We as teachers do like new students to do showcases even in the beginning stages as it helps the learner to progress faster and put in more practices. If you want to speed up progress in your dancing do as many showcase a year as you can and you will see the benefits very quickly. Arthur and Murray Teachers are well trained and will not lead you down the wrong path.

Hope this helps


Armand Mynhardt-Joubert
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