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Burn the Floor
Posted by Harley Medcalf
10/21/2006  8:54:00 PM
I am the Producer of Burn the Floor www.burnthefloor.com

I am looking ballroom and latin dancers with or without partners to audition for future opportunities with our company. We are currently performing at the Luxor in Las Vegas

Highest standard, with strong image and personality.

Auditions conducted in Las Vegas until November 24.

Initial enquiries to harley@duetgroup.com
Re: Burn the Floor
Posted by Anonymous
2/16/2007  2:26:00 PM
hopefully this gig will be better than the terrible dvd numbers produced
Re: Burn the Floor
Posted by quickstep
2/16/2007  5:50:00 PM
Can`t please everybody I suppose. It couldn`t be that bad , They played four cities in Japan, two in China and were in Las Vagas in Oct through to November. I saw the first show and also their second production. The first I have the video. A show like that has got to be for a world wide audience, not all watching or attending will be dancers.
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