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New to Salsa - Humor Column
Posted by El Flojo
9/14/2002  8:34:00 AM
A lot of people around the world have read a humor column I wrote about my sad efforts to learn salsa. Maybe you'll enjoy it, too. This is not a commercial site.


I sit in judgment.

Posted by UlfChild
9/15/2002  11:37:00 PM
Can't say that I enjoyed the first 3/4 of that article but near the end it started to get better.


The question everyone should ask themselves before starting each day: Quo Vatamus
Re: New to Salsa - Humor Column
Posted by SalsabyJake
9/17/2010  6:25:00 PM
You might enjoy my salsa satire series to at www.Salsahumor.com

Or search Youtube for "Salsa Newbie"

Re: New to Salsa - Humor Column
Posted by KETTI
3/12/2011  1:10:00 AM
hi i want to learn salsa dance please help me in this ..
Re: New to Salsa - Humor Column
Posted by Lycaean69
3/15/2011  2:50:00 PM
Hi, Ketti,
For your info, there are Salsa videos in this site, (you don't have to look any farther) where you will learn at least five basic steps to start you dancing with your partner in no time! Very nice and, really, not that difficult to learn.
If you don't have a partner, get one a.s.a.p., and learn the steps together for a smooth dancing.
Enjoy and have fun!!!
Re: New to Salsa - Humor Column
Posted by terence2
3/16/2011  6:59:00 AM
You really need to find a beginners class in your area. The nuances ,sublties , and style, are best served with a competant teacher .

You need to research the style most commonly danced in your area;try them all at basic level, and then make your choice .

Videos are teaching tools for those who have a " grasp " of concepts .

Salsas music may be very confusing to the beginner,and WHAT they use in class, can vary from area to area .

Which part of the world do you live ?

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