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Pivot timing
Posted by John
8/10/1999  8:27:00 AM
Can anyone tell me what the proper timing is (foxtrot) and exit for a double natural pivot, assuming one starts from an open twinkle DW. I exit a single pivot DC with an impetus turn and am ready to start working on a double pivot. I think the timing is QQQQ but that's as far as I can get. Is this movement progressing LOD and how does one exit it?

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re: Pivot timing
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
8/11/1999  1:23:00 AM
QQQQ is a better timing for Pivots from a Twinkle, because it puts the man forward on the downbeat, which is generally considered better phrasing-wise. Of course, to do this, you will be exiting with a forward action instead of a backward action, so you have to pick your choices from a different bag. Here are some ideas:

1. Plain old Feather / Forward Continuity
2. Curved Feather / Hairpin - SQQ
3. Rudolf Ronde of any variety (popular)
4. RF Forward, then Rumba Cross
5. Be creative... realease the lady into open position with a free spin or underarm turn of some sort.

If you underturn the last LF pivot, you can also try one of these options:

6. Turning Lock to R.
7. Right-Side Hinge / Corte
8. Release Lady into open position

Anyway, you get the idea. Pretty much any figure that begins with man forward on the right foot works. Or, if you underturn the last step, you can follow with any natural figure which begins with man back on RF.

While I'm at it, I should mention that the Twinkle is not the ideal entrance to pivots. Have you considered an Outside Spin or Tipple Chasse?


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