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Open Finish / Continuity Ending
Posted by John
8/9/1999  3:57:00 AM
Am I correct in assuming that an open finish/continuity ending/linking step can be done either R-L-R or L-R-L, depending upon the step it is coming from. When coming out of a progressive twinkle it is R-L-R but when coming out of an open right it is L-R-L. Is there a different name assigned to either one?
re: Open Finish / Continuity Ending
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
8/11/1999  2:06:00 AM
Generally the 4-6 of the Open Natural is just considered the 4-6 of the Open Natural. It has a completetly different character than any of the movements labeled "Continuity" or "Feather", most notably that the final step is not taken O.P.

I guess you'd have to say that the movement is technically Continuity (not closing on 3), and it is an ending (to the Natural Turn). So I guess you *could* call it a Continuity ending. But this would probably be misleading, since most people think of Continuity/Feather endings as specific types of figures, taken RLR (man) and LRL (lady).


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