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Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by NewJerseyDance
7/9/2007  7:36:00 PM
AM wants me to pay $6,000 for Bronze II classes. They want me to convert my 16 Bronze I classes to my Bronze II order. They will not teach me any Bronze II moves with my remaining 16 Bronze I lessons unless I sign up for the Bronze II.

With the Bronze II classes, I get 35 private lessons and 35 group lessons.

I am a woman and with the group lessons, there are so many women to men that there is never anyone for me to dance with.

So in my opinion, I am paying $6,000 for 35 private lessons (group lessons are useless) = $172/hour.

What do ya'll think of that?

The problem is I love the teachers and all the students. The teachers are extremely knowlegeable and have been dancing for over 20 years competitively. They are a blast and the dancing, which I have started in the beginning of February has brought so much joy to my life.

Can someone steer me in the right direction of what I should/could do at this point?

Thank you.

Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by anymouse
7/9/2007  9:15:00 PM
Real teachers with real expertise take your money one lesson at a time. They're too busy to risk risk wasting their time by booking you for future lessons you might not want to take when the time comes. Also, never sign anything that doesn't state the name of the teacher you will be receiving lessons from.
Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by IcanDnce
7/11/2007  11:43:00 AM
Yes!! Whats up with the $6,000 package? I thought all that was ilegal?
Maybe not in NJ.
The Independents I take coaching with do it one at a time or perhaps a 10 lesson package at a slightly lower rate.
35 hours would last most a quarter to half a year.... and who knows how her focus of interest might change in that time.....
Also, it seems the AM and FA are very "creative" in what is now a "1Hr" private.......
Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by Alexa
7/11/2007  2:26:00 PM
I just don't understand charging for a set number of sessions to cover a certain portion of the syllabus! Shouldn't this determined on a lesson my lesson basis, based primarily on the ability and talent of the student? What takes someone 35 lessons to master can take someone else only 10 lessons to learn! I would not agree to such a price structure...

Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by IcanDnce
7/11/2007  11:33:00 AM
Make no mistake, Dance Studios are a business and need are there to make money.
There are other studios than AM or FA. The independents are often run by people who love the dance first and make money second.Maybe they will give you more Bang for your dance dollar.
Also, group classes (in my opinion) are never "Useless". You can always focus on footwork or other technique in a group. Also, the basics are the foundation of all our figures and even a Bronze I group will give you an oportunity to practice yourcraft!
Good luck and happy dancing.
Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by tangolover
8/2/2007  6:52:00 AM
in Greece with 6.000 $ u reach until Full silver as a beginer on a very expensive dance studio with lot's of qualified teachers !!!! my my my my !!!!!!
Very Expensive !!!!!! indeed !
Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by danceintacoma
8/16/2007  3:33:00 PM
Greec is on the euro and 6000 euro is a lot of money. But she's talking about dollars.
Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by rhythm4ever
8/2/2007  8:34:00 AM
Hi NewJerseyDance,
If you like it at this particular studio I would communicate with your teacher your concerns. Be upfront and honest about what you want, I am sure that they will want to make sure that you are happy above all else!
Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by molesaver
8/2/2007  9:21:00 AM
All debate about price and tactics aside, progession through the skills of ANY sport is a very personal thing. I teach skiing. If someone signs up as a level 4 skier and pays for level 5 lessons then when I meet them they turn out to be a level 6 skier I do NOT keep their level 5 money and insist that they give me more money for higher level lessons. I teach to them at their level. If they are in the wrong class, I move them to the right class, no extra charge. If I tried the method you seem to be talking about, I would not only go broke, I would probably get reported to the Better Business Bureau and sued (I live in the states, after all). If I were you I would run, not walk, to a different studio.

My dance instructor teaches me what I am ready to learn when I am ready to learn it regardless of where that item is listed in the syllabus.

Also, there are more men in the studio than women so the situation you described in groups is reversed. Maybe you should come to Seattle?
Re: Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by CliveHarrison
8/2/2007  12:17:00 PM

You must be mad!

Come to the UK. Within ten minutes' drive from home I can choose three dance schools. The most expensive charges £5.50 for an hour's group class. They constantly rotate the students around every couple of minutes, so that everyone gets to dance with everyone else. Another is £5/hour, and they offer structured classes at six different levels, as well as holding a weekly social dance and teaching privately, and the other is just £4.hour, and still perfectly OK.

Not one of the three have any facility to "sell" me a course of lessons: I just turn up on the night, and pay as I go. All of them know that we would just laugh at them if they tried any such stunt, and they also know that we are free to go where we find the atmosphere and quality of teaching that suits us.

$6,000 - and just for part of bronze? Well, at least you've cheered me up!

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