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cross training
Posted by TrotLikeAFox
3/6/2008  2:52:00 PM
I am already in hip hop classes and am thinking about taking some ballroom classes as well. I'd really like it if my dance partner came with me but he is being stubborn. Anyone have any suggestions on how i can sway him my way?
Re: cross training
Posted by 8count
3/7/2008  10:42:00 AM
there's this new show Your Mama Don't Dance on lifetime. they do a great job capturing dance as something fun even though it's a competition. try watching this show with your partner (it's on again tonight at 9) and maybe they'll remember how much fun it is to dance!
Re: cross training
Posted by timey23
3/18/2008  9:23:00 AM
I watched some of that show and I'm not sure if I was into the whole dancing with your parents thing?
Re: cross training
Posted by Charlestonissippi
3/21/2008  8:38:00 AM
yeah i'm not too sure either.. i might be able to catch it tonight if i get back in time.
Re: cross training
Posted by TrotLikeAFox
3/24/2008  8:47:00 AM
we checked out that show your mama don't dance... i don't think it changed his mind about anything but he was laughing the whole time :)
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