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Places to dance in CA
Posted by dancelover
5/18/2008  8:57:00 PM
Hi, I'm just courious. I'm new to LA and was wondering if someone could help me find some places I can go to dance the Hustle and Salsa. I'm from NY and they have some dance studios that have parties at night to dance and I'm looking for something like that. Thanks and hope to hear from someone real soon,(I want to dance.)
Love, Miguel
Re: Places to dance in CA
Posted by Days&Nights
5/19/2008  10:04:00 AM
Miguel, LA is quite large, you don't mention which part of Los Angeles your actually located in. The city of Los Angeles itself is 465 square miles and the county of Los Angeles contains 85 cities.
There plenty of venues as well as dance studios that offer answers to your re-locate question.
Try out the Mayan for salsa.
Here's the web site.

Re: Places to dance in CA
Posted by barrefly
9/4/2008  6:34:00 PM
Salsa socials....
...You may even get some on2 in.
Josie Neglia is a salsa icon.
The clubs...
The Granada, Steven's Steak House, are the biggies. Tons of other clubs as well.
The Hustle....top cats offers an adv. class on thur. and has a social on sun.
(You can call them regarding other socials locations).

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