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Irene Castle
Posted by Frieda
8/28/2008  1:51:00 PM
Original life size oil painting by and signed-Olaf Brauner for sale
Re: Irene Castle
Posted by Ben Stevens
9/4/2008  9:38:00 AM
I'm interested in viewing the painting of Irene Castle by Brauner.
Posted by jofjonesboro
9/4/2008  11:13:00 AM
Re: Irene Castle
Posted by Doug Nelson
9/8/2008  11:46:00 AM
Interested in the Brauner painting... do you have an image? Have you sold it?

Re: Irene Castle
Posted by Sherry Borecky
8/28/2013  5:49:00 AM
Hello, I am very interested in this painting by Olaf Brauner. Is the painting still available? If not, do you know who the current owner is? I would appreciate any information you may have on this painting of Irene Castle. Thank you, Sherry
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