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Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by DSposa
10/27/2008  6:39:00 AM
Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if you can please recommend a beautiful tango song that is suitable for a wedding FIRST DANCE.

I am currently looking at the following but stil want to listen to a few posibilities.

Junto A Tu Corazon
Santa Maria Gotan Project
Por Una Cabeza (beautiful but widely used in weddigns already)

I would very much apprecaite to hear your recommendations.

Thank you,
D Sposa
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by Shellie
10/29/2008  11:35:00 AM
This sounds wonderful!

I have a few questions.

1. Will you be dancing tango, milonga, or vals?

2. What sort of feel are you going for? The songs you listed are, to me, very different in style. Are you wanting something bold, modern, sentimental, etc?

3. Do vocals bother you?
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by Lycaean69
8/25/2010  8:27:00 PM
Ever played Julio Iglesias Tango CD? If not, please do! Go to Amazon.com and type: tango music and then click "go" or "search".
Julio still holds having the "most romantic voice" in the singing business and you will hear it yourself and will agree that what I said is not an exaggeration! In his CD are timeless favorites like: La Cumparsita, A Media Luz, El Choclo, Yira, Yira, just to name a few.
If you don't like Julio, then you can listen to other Tango CDs there and take your pick!!!
Good luck and hope you'll find what you're looking for soonest!
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by jofjonesboro
8/26/2010  1:31:00 PM
Track 7 of 'Guitar Solos' by Pepe Romero titled simply Tango.

This piece (actually a duet) is very simple and lovely and suitable for a wedding dance.

Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by Michael A.Lesso
8/26/2010  2:51:00 PM
I am reccomending for your opening wedding song Tango, "Scent of a Woman".
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by pakarinen
8/27/2010  2:38:00 PM
I don't speak Spanish but isn't "Por Una Cabeza" (sp?) about a guy comparing fickle women to losing a horse race? Not sure that's a good way to start a marriage... Maybe just an instrumental version?
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by belleofyourball
8/28/2010  12:22:00 AM
Argentine doesn't lend itself so easily to inspirationally Carpenter's Top of the World themed wedding dances. It tends to be more a dance of passion, frustration, lust. I love to dance tango but a wailing bandoneon...okay that is my diatribe.

I am going to assume you don't know Tango Vals but if you do Gotan has a beautiful and properly wedding(y) song on their new album. It's called Erase una vez. Vals dancers and teachers are a little bit rare in the US anyway.

Two others that are pretty and to the tango style I'm guessing you are looking for are Otra Luna by Narcotango and Celos which is a standard and done by many different groups in many styles but one of the prettiest I've ever heard across the genre.

If you want to go with the old world Metrotango has cleaned up and remixed a Gardel standard called Anclao'En Paris and it has a haunting beauty that most wedding guests would like...that way you get something old and something new.

Good luck.
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by Telemark
8/28/2010  4:22:00 AM
Subject only to the lyrics being wholly unsuitable (I've no idea!), that's a lovely idea for a wedding tango vals.

BTW, for anyone who knows the track, do you know what instrument makes the wierd 'electronic' sounding noise during the intstrumental middle section. I came across the answer quite accidentally the other day, watching a video clip of Daniel Melingo singing one of the tracks from the soundtrack to 'El Gaucho' (music done by two out of the three Gotan stalwarts). It must have been recorded at about the same time.

Anyone care to guess? Don't give the game away if you already know!
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by TangoFandango
8/28/2010  5:45:00 PM
'Electronic Instrument?'
Is there a very obtuse hint in the top sentence of the previous post to yours?
(And add my vote for Otra Luna please...)
Re: Argentine tango wedding song
Posted by belleofyourball
8/29/2010  12:01:00 AM
Well, I don't know for sure. Tango bands in Argentina have interesting instruments from the old wind machines to long saws and I'm guessing it's a long thin saw...

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