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Im new here so..........
Posted by dancindiva
3/17/2002  10:23:00 AM
Hi everyone I am new here and I actually go to irish dancing but thats not what I am posting about. I am doing kind of street/jazz/hip hop dancing in school and have been told to find some moves as a sort of homework. I was wondering if anyone could tell me of a website with pictures of step by step instructions on certian moves or even if any of you could tell me about some moves and how to do them. Thanx very much.
jazz/hip hop
Posted by aryder
3/20/2002  8:38:00 AM
Diva: I searched for "jazz and dance" and found www.dancenetfitness.com. They might be able to help you. When you have an assignment on some kickin' waltz or tango moves, come on back to BallroomDancers. Good luck and keep dancing, whatever kind you do! Alicia
(P.S. I know there are some ballroom dancers out there that do hip hop or jazz--I guess they're too busy dancing to go online!)
re: Im new here so..........
Posted by guestguy
3/20/2002  11:52:00 PM
There is some hip hop/pop choreography at www.dance.net in the teach>choreography forum and people post there personal choreo sites too.
Posted by dancindiva
3/19/2002  2:39:00 PM
Please help this is really importnant.
Re: Anybody?
Posted by asila
8/21/2006  2:46:00 AM
try to find film "You Got Served" it is the best hip hop that I ever saw.
Re: Im new here so..........
Posted by ballroomdancer33
9/11/2009  10:51:00 PM
Julia Stiles movie is great. Don't you like it? Maybe you can gather some inspiration there.
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