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Re: Going out into business
Posted by kristinak22
3/15/2010  1:02:00 PM
Hi Ondine:
How is it there in New Zealand I heard it's quite beautiful. I have been teaching since 1975. I want to thank for the time and effort you have put into and contributed to this industry. I read some of the responses you got lol, but I don't believe you should've been tarred and feathered. Stick with it and you will come to a point of realization that you have complete understanding of the dance. We should all be teachers, always imparting knowledge and sharing with others what we know not be elitists withholding information from others. It's like an on going study that never ends. love kk
Re: Going out into business
Posted by Ondine
3/25/2010  8:07:00 PM
hi, yes thank you kristinak22, i believe giving others knowledge is the greatest feeling.
New Zealand is very nice, lived here for a while now so i have gotten used to it. It's lovely though.
I've started it up, my own business, i feel someone has to teach people the basics in a fun yet serious environment. I'll tell you of ho it all goes.
Re: Going out into business
Posted by Ivan Gromyko
4/15/2010  7:52:00 AM
Hey, my name is Ivan Gromyko and I'm a professional dancer from Russia. I'm moving to the States in autumn that's why I want to find a place where I could give dance sport lessoins. Please help me!) Lookind forward to hearing from you)
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