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SWING: Side Passes
Posted by jeaton60
7/16/2010  10:13:00 AM
Those of you familiar or teach the Arthur Murray Syllabus may help with this. Provide detail directions for executing the Broze III figure, Side Passes in Swing. School Figure #7.
Thanks for your help!
Re: SWING: Side Passes
Posted by sambaGO
3/25/2011  2:02:00 PM
Go into: lady outside underarm turn, she's on man's left. On one ah two man sends lady across in front of him, catches her left hand with his right hand, both do Lindy timing rock step, then on man's RLR he sends lady across in back of him. Do pass her to man's right, then pass her to man's left, both do rock step; go out of: lady inside underarm turn. VARIATION: lady can do outside turn when she passes behind the man. VARIATION: man can do outside turn when she passes in front of him.
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