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Missing Videos
Posted by benwf83
7/22/2010  3:07:00 PM
I have basic membership, and have noticed that there are no videos available for steps above bronze in international styles. Do you need gold membership to view these, or are they unavailable for everyone?
Re: Missing Videos
Posted by Waltz123
7/23/2010  10:54:00 PM
We are getting ready to implement a pay-based "Premium" membership a little later this year (hopefully in time for the holiday), but it will not include anything above full bronze level when we begin the program.

The general public has access to beginning bronze, and registered users have access to intermediate bronze. The full bronze level will comprise the majority of the material reserved for premium users.

In January we plan to hold our next film shoot. During this shoot, we will be focusing on improving the existing bronze material by adding complete instruction (man's and lady's parts described in detail and shown both separately and together), as well as demos danced to music. We will also film some basic silver level narrated demo videos, but there will not likely be enough time during that shoot to cover the entire silver level in as much detail as we have for bronze. That will have to be covered in subsequent film shoots.

Ultimately the goal is to cover everything, including syllabus through gold, variations, topics of technique, etc. But we are not a large company with major investment capital; We are a small mom and pop business, building the entire website page by page, day by day, and every addition is paid for directly out of our pockets. The film shoots are extremely expensive, so we can't afford to do them very often. Our hope is that the premium membership program will be successful enough to afford us the ability to pick up the pace.

Wish us luck!

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Missing Videos
Posted by benwf83
7/24/2010  8:39:00 AM
Good luck! Thanks for the info.
Re: Missing Videos
Posted by Lycaean69
9/14/2010  9:56:00 PM
Kudos to you Jonathan and Melissa Atkinson for starting and maintaining this wonderful dance site!
Long live Ballroomdancers.com!
Needless to say, it takes money to keep this site up and running. That said, I suggest that for them to be able to continue and improve what they are doing, let us all support their planned "Premium Membership Program" because without any doubt, it will be beneficial to us all, dance afficionados and dance lovers, right???
Re: Missing Videos
Posted by csrice
9/19/2010  7:36:00 AM
I ordered one of the video packages over a week ago and still have not received them. I need them now. So, if I don't recieve them soon, I will cancel the order and go another site of videos for sale.
Re: Missing Videos
Posted by Waltz123
9/20/2010  9:12:00 AM
I ordered one of the video packages over a week ago and still have not received them. I need them now. So, if I don't recieve them soon, I will cancel the order and go another site of videos for sale.
I'm sorry to hear about the slow shipment. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reference to a "csrice" in our purchases record, so I have no idea who you are. It would be far more effective to use the tools we provide for tracking shipments and contacting us privately so that you can safely give us all of your info. In the meantime, here are a few things that you should know:

With anything other than express mail, all shipping times listed on our website are estimates only, based on averages. Actual shipping times may vary.

If you placed an order from within the continental U.S., depending on the shipping method you chose, your package is probably now 1-3 days late, which is uncommon but not outside of the realm of possibility. See below for more info about late shipments.

If you placed an order from another country, assuming you didn't choose express mail, your shipment is still within the boundaries of the expected delivery time. International shipments have a much greater degree of variability of shipping time, primarily because of the customs process. If the package does not show up within a few days, see below for more info about late shipments.

All packages shipped within the U.S.A. come with a tracking number to help you determine the status of your shipment at any time. International express mail orders do as well. If one of these pertains to you, you should have received this tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. Or you can contact us to obtain it. The only type of shipment that cannot include tracking is basic international air mail.

If your domestic shipment is late, go to www.usps.com and enter your tracking number to find out about it. Or call us to get the info. You might also try calling your local post office to see if they might be holding it, in the event of an attempted delivery when signature is required, etc.

If your international (non-express) shipment is late by just a few days, contact us to let us know. We'll keep an eye on the situation. Realize that a few days late is not uncommon for international shipments, because the customs process in each country is somewhat unpredictable. I rarely see any int'l shipment take more than 2 weeks, but it has happened once or twice. The insurance company requires that we wait 45 days before filing a claim -- an indication that packages can indeed, in very rare cases, take that long to appear.

Also, international (non-express) customers should contact their local post office or customs department to check to see if the package is being held. Often this is the case with late shipments and it's usually indicative of an additional requirement (e.g. a required signature or additional duty tax due upon receipt).

Please contact us to give us more information about your order so we can look it up and find what's happening with your particular situation.

Once again, I apologize for the slow shipment, and thanks for supporting BallroomDancers.com!

Jonathan Atkinson
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