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E.C. Swing Vs Jive
Posted by RhythmDancer
6/22/2011  11:32:00 AM
Hi everyone, i have a few simple questions for the experience dancers and hopefully i can get some words from some judges.
In your opinion what is the difference between E.C. Swing and Jive? and what are you looking for when you see a competitive couple dancing Swing?

I know the music is different as well as the tempo, but as we all know there is a lot of Jive mix in the swing now days.

I personally don't want my swing to look like jive and try to keep my movement as horizontal as possible, opposite of the jive which is more vertical. At least this is my understanding of the movement.

Thank you in advance!
Re: E.C. Swing Vs Jive
Posted by lmd1225
8/31/2011  7:46:00 AM
East Coast Swing is an American Style of dance (Rhythm) and Jive is an International Style of dance (Latin). They each have their own syllibi from beginner to advanced- Jive has a strict syllabus of steps, but you can find different syllibi for the Swing. Yes, they have steps in common, often named differently, because the Swing has a 'loose' syllabus, you can do Jive steps in Swing, but to the Swing tempo. E. C. Swing also has single, double, and triple timing.
Re: E.C. Swing Vs Jive
Posted by belleofyourball
9/2/2011  1:06:00 AM
Jive is a much faster dance. It isn't really done vertically. It has a serious lean forward so that the fast footwork is possible without the bounce. You will also see a lot of kicks and flicks and it will follow a jive syllabus unless it is open gold and then it will follow whatever...
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