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Looking for dancers for a photo essay
Posted by Lily Photojounalist
7/1/2011  5:57:00 AM
Hello dancers,
My name is Lily and I am a photojournalist currently looking to seek into and document the world of ballroom dancing.
I am interested in all dancers, especially those over the age of fifty, exploring their worlds and their relationship with dancing.
I hope to compile a multimedia piece, made up of interviews, film sequences and photographic portraits that would be exhibited as part of an exhibition in London.
I have some time to work on this piece and aim to meet as many dancers as possible over the next year.
I am interested in individuals, groups, couples, and venues that are involved with Ballroom dancing.
If you, or anyone else you know may be interested in becoming part of this project, please dont hesitate to contact me to ask further questions e.t.c.
I look forward to hearing back from you
Lily Drury
Re: Looking for dancers for a photo essay
Posted by terence2
7/2/2011  3:33:00 AM
Your e mail address is faulty..
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