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Premium member
Posted by 03693er00
10/17/2011  2:49:00 PM
I just became a premium member and I expect more from my membership. All the information that I am getting from program is 90% of what I was getting for free.
My name is Edward Mingura
Re: Premium member
Posted by Administrator
10/17/2011  4:49:00 PM
Hi Edward,

Sorry to hear that you are not pleased with the premium membership. Contact us through customer service at http://www.ballroomdancers.com/Shopping/Customer_Service/ to discuss options.

Here are some things you (and anyone else considering premium membership) should know:

-- As of today (10/17/2011), basic membership gives you access to 450 videos, while premium membership gives you access to nearly 700. That brings the total percentage of free videos to about 65% of premium videos (not 90%), and that number is changing daily. It also does not include all of the previous variations of the week with full instruction videos available only to premium members.

-- By the end of this year, with the addition of full silver demo clips, that number will increase to somewhere between 1200 to 1500 clips, and then in January we will start adding full instruction videos to bronze. We expect to have that finished by the time the service has been running 6 months (approx March 2012).

-- There should be no surprises about what premium content is available, as it is all fully visible on the website prior to upgrading. Every premium clip is shown in the list of videos on each dance figure. There's also a comparison chart on the upgrade page to show you exactly what you'll be getting when you upgrade.

-- The purpose of the current offer for an extra 6 months, which runs through Dec. 1, is to provide additional incentive to upgrade now. This gives you an advantage over those who wait until the currently-filmed content is finished, by allowing you to view material that is available now, while still getting just as much time with the completed content.

-- Those who sign up now are also contributing to the further and faster development of the website. We do not have investors or sponsors of any kind, and we depend on the income generated by the website to fund the video shoots and pay for additional staff to help speed up the process of editing and uploading content. By signing up now, you are helping us expedite the addition of both previously filmed content, and the scheduling of more film shoots.

Jonathan Atkinson
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