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im looking for female dance partner (Chicago IL)
Posted by v_milan
11/14/2011  11:57:00 AM
hey everyone. My name is Vlad. im 18 years old . ive been dancing for 12 years and for this time ballroom dancing sport has become a part of me.
its also hard to find a dance school, because a lot of dance.school offer social dancing which is different from what i do .
also i could work as a dance instructor and teach people techniques, out of my own experience.
here is my email : vladmilan18@gmail.com
Re: im looking for female dance partner (Chicago I
Posted by tettomabry129
1/1/2012  7:43:00 PM
Hi, my name is Kim. Are you interested in teaching full time as well? I do know one lady who wants a partner for American Smooth and maybe Rhythm in future, but you have to be working full time in our studio.
Re: im looking for female dance partner (Chicago I
Posted by Tatia
1/2/2012  7:52:00 PM
Hi vlad, I am 20 years old, from Republic of Georgia and back there, 4 years earlier I used to dance ballroom dances on the professional level for four years. Since than I have not danced latin dances but I am sure I can recall everything quickly with some help. So the point is we can try to be partners because I really really miss ballroom dances and would like to go back. I am in chicago most of the time while I go to college there and I think it will be easy for us to meet up. Let me know if you are interested.
Re: im looking for female dance partner (Chicago I
Posted by Irena
2/21/2012  3:33:00 PM
hi, my name Iryna, i am looking for male dance partner for profetional dancing on competition :), so i am really interesting about your add,
i am 20 years old and i am from Ukraine,
plus my boss looking for dance teacher for full time, we can train u for free, so if u still interesting please call 773-791-5959
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