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Re: Question about shoes
Posted by belleofyourball
5/3/2012  4:11:00 PM
Stay away from the 3" until you are very good. No one docks points for heel height that I've ever heard of unless it's because your shoes are crippling you and you've lost technique and capacity. Many of the top pros don't go to 3" I promise you they don't. Some do because their partners are so much taller than they are and it evens it up a little.

The key in your shoes is having something that creates an extension of your own foot without handicapping you. Your feet shouldn't move around even a little bit. There should be no wiggle room. The heel shouldn't be a bother and you should feel balanced and you need to dance in these shoes until they are a part of your own foot. Most women wear latin shoes several sizes smaller than street shoes so their toes can grip the floor and add stability.

As far as Stephanie's...don't even think about it. Ray Rose shoes are very good. The Carmen was developed by a woman who is considered to be one of the top female competitors of our time. They are good but I need to warn you that you have to 'earn' these shoes. Your toes are going to bleed until you break them in. It isn't just my experience...but many others who I know that own them and pray they don't have to start fresh with a new pair so they only wear them at comp time. I like Dance Naturals and went to Italy to be fitted. They aren't necessarily the best idea because most of them are 3" heels.
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by ginka85
5/3/2012  5:12:00 PM

Thanks for your thoughtful response. You have given me a lot of information to consider. I'm glad to know that most professionals don't necessarily dance in 3" heels and based on that info, I will probably be opting for a lower heel shoe. What do you think of Ray Rose's Blizzard shoe for a beginning competitor? I like that they have the strap that loops around the bottom of the shoe for maximum support.
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by feel the floor
5/3/2012  11:01:00 PM
"Most women wear latin shoes several sizes smaller than street shoes so their toes can grip the floor and add stability."

For many, this means the shoe is actually a little shorter than the foot, so that the pads of the toes touch the floor.
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by OZ.
5/4/2012  12:51:00 AM
Just make sure that you dont try to do Modern Ballroom Standard in Latin Shoes
It will not be possible to run your toe to the rear as in the Foxtrot with the toe exposed.
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by ladydance
5/4/2012  12:40:00 PM
As others have said, don't start with 3" heels. I started competeing in 2" heels because I was nervous and shaky and I needed the stability. When I got more comfortable, I moved up to a 2 & 3/4 inch heel. Don't buy a brand just because everyone else seems to wear them. Buy a shoe that is the most comfortable. You don't want to be thinking about the pain in your feet when you are competing. I have Dance Naturals and they are my least favourite shoe. They just don't seem to fit my instep right. I love my Ballroom USA shoes. I go for comfort first, brand name later. If they are a cheaper shoe, they might fall apart quicker but at least they felt good. As Belle said, your shoes have to be shorter than normal. For gripping the floor and because when you point your toe, your foot gets smaller and you don't want a lot of the sole of the shoe showing.
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by belleofyourball
5/4/2012  12:43:00 PM
I have a pair of Blizzards and they are really comfortable. I wear them for practice and I know people who really like them in Competition. I didn't have to break them in either. They aren't as stable as the Carmen but they are nice. If they seem right for you go for it.
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by ginka85
5/4/2012  4:43:00 PM
I appreciate your imput, gals! Male instructors will lean toward the higher heel because they know what looks sexy, but at the end of the day, it's about the quality of the dancing. Thanks muchly!
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by ballroomchick
5/7/2012  3:20:00 PM
I wear a size 11 street shoe and I wear a size 11 ballroom shoe as well. MOST dance shoe companies ONLY go to 10 or 10.5.
I dance in a 2.5" heel. I've tried 3" heels and I just do not have the coordination to manage the extra 1/2". Also this shoe puts me a 6' 1" - my instructor is 5' 11, I really don't need to tower much more over him.

My first prs of dance shoes were Werner Kerns. As expensive as they are my feet were killing me after a few hours because there is very little padding. I prefer the less expensive Souldancer Dance shoes! I can dance all day long in them. They have wonderful padding, it feels like I'm walking on a cloud. The only style numbers I would suggest to stay away from are 2311 & 2334. As pretty as the crystals fob is over the toes, the mettle back will rub you raw.

I've progressed now where I'm dragging the toes through the neutral zone and the lip of a size 11 shoe is just a tad too long. I got a 10.5 shoe and LOVE the length, but the toe box is a tad too tight. Put some good blisters over my toes. I had these shoes put on the stretchers for 3 weeks. I will be trying them in practice to see if they are workable now. If that does not work I will have to have my 11's cut back a bit at the toes.
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by Babsmcdance
5/10/2012  11:26:00 AM
I notice that there are several references to brands of shoes, none of which mention 'Very Fine Shoes'. I currently sell this brand exclusively, and have been with them for several years. I wonder what brand would be as good/better to add to my inventory with a great reputation. Any input?
Re: Question about shoes
Posted by ballroomchick
5/10/2012  12:25:00 PM
Very Fine is one of the less expensive brands of shoes. JUST be sure to go with the Compeitive Shoe. This has more padding and it will cost a bit more too, but your feet will thank you!

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