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Posted by Jane
11/1/2012  3:49:00 PM
I am qualified Latin dance teacher but I have not done my ballroom training, but I want to teach Social Ballroom. Do I teach a very basic Waltz or do I teach a routine...confused
Re: Waltz
Posted by ladydance
11/2/2012  12:49:00 PM
I would teach basic waltz steps. Start with a box, turning box and a corner step. Talk about body position and rise and fall. Social ballroom implies that people will be dancing in a social setting. The most important thing is floorcraft. If you teach a routine, people will rely on it and there will be no lead or follow. I have seen it many times, when the man deviates from the routine, the woman will stop dancing to declare, "that's not what comes next." As well, they will annoy others on the dance floor. Dancers who only know a routine start and stop, walk back to the corner and can dance with no one except their partner. This takes the 'social' out of social dancing.
Re: Waltz
Posted by Elle
11/4/2012  10:54:00 AM
Thank you very much. Very helpful. It is only for dancers that go to weddings etc
Re: Waltz
Posted by Elle Jane
11/4/2012  10:57:00 AM
Sorry I should also have said for all social events.
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