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How to do a split?
Posted by danielshumkin
11/3/2012  5:59:00 AM
I have always wanted to learn how to do a split! How\where can I learn to do a split properly?

Thank you in advance,
Re: How to do a split?
Posted by Stephanie
11/3/2012  1:05:00 PM
If you're talking about American split (one leg in front, the other behind) I'd start with practicing lunges. you want to work towards softening your hips up.
Re: How to do a split?
Posted by kitnhead
11/4/2012  6:30:00 AM
Slow practice will get you a split without getting hurt. To do it properly, you will have the back knee facing the floor. Also doing the stretches where you are sitting up straight with both legs out to either side helps to stretch the correct muscles. Stretching slowly, every day will get you what you want.
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