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Holiday Special Offers and Gift Certificate
Posted by traditionaltango
12/13/2012  6:06:00 PM
New York Citys premiere Tango school presents

Six specially priced holiday packages
For first time students only
Whether you are a complete beginner looking to try a new activity this holiday or a skilled dancer seeking to join a passionate and spirited tango community, you will find a home at Strictly Tango NYC. Take advantage of these Holiday Special offers and Gift Certificate today and discover the beauty of Argentine Tango in New York!
Special Offer #1: 4 All level group classes $50 (Reg $100)

Special Offer #2: 4 All level group classes for couples $95 (Reg $200)

Special Offer #3: 1 Private tango class for $85 (Reg $90) (Single or couple)

Special Offer #4: Tango for Fast Learners, intensive 6 hours course (two days) $135 (Reg $170)

Special Offer #5 Private tango classes for $420 (Reg $450) (Single or couple)

Special Offer #6 Wedding Choreography. 10 hours or private class plus 4 tango group classes for $850 (Reg $1080)
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